Carbonite Backup Solutions For Business

There is no doubt that online backup technology has taken over the market when it comes to an individual’s computer backup needs. By using online backup storage, you can protect all the valuable information and data that is on your desktop or laptop computer. This includes all documents, files, photos and even your valuable music library.


If you are looking into using Carbonite backup solutions for your business, you are definitely on the right track. Carbonite is one of the most secure, affordable, and easiest backup solutions that you can find in the market today. With over 75,000 businesses and 1.5 million customers in more than 100 countries, the company is the worldwide market leader in the online backup industry.

Business customers can try a fully featured version of the Business plan free for 30 days. You can install Carbonite on any computer running XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Intel-based Macs with OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 or server running Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2011 or 2012. Need help installing the software? All Business plans feature free valet install service and you can save money on your Carbonite products via Carbonite coupon codes and deals.

Carbonite for business is easy to install for anyone in a business. Once your account is created on the Carbonite website you can create a new user, download the software to the computer and run the installation. If you don’t want to do it yourself Carbonite does offer a free installation service to help you get the software installed on your computers. Since Carbonite for business is made for businesses you need to create a new user or select a user for the backup. The web administration dashboard makes it easy to create and manage users.

Carbonite uses a RAID (redundant disk array) server that is more reliable than an external hard drive, in case of an emergency, such as fire or flood, your data is still accessible from anywhere – and you won’t burn your hands trying to grab that hard drive when flames are licking at the office door!

Business backup plans from Carbonite can be used on an unlimited number of computers, hard drives, and NAS (network attached storage) devices. It includes an admin dashboard accessible online (using any web browser) which allows you to manage your account and monitor how much data is being backed up by each user. Tablet and smartphone apps are included with your account.

Carbonite Business is designed for home offices and small businesses that are only interested in online storage. If you are a business owner looking to collaborate on files across devices, this is not the right choice for you. However, if you are a business owner that only needs the security of having your data backed up to another location, Carbonite Business could be the ideal choice. The final decision for selecting an online backup service for your business depends on your storage and syncing needs.

Whether you are a large company with more than 50 employees, a small- and medium-sized company with 4 or more employees, or simply a home-based business with 1 to 3 employees, Carbonite has online backup solutions to suit your business needs.

Carbonite lives up to its reputation as one of the leading Cloud backup companies on the Market. Carbonite offers a feature-rich backup solution and excellent customer support, the prices can get expensive if you need extra storage, but overall it’s one of the best business cloud back-ups and it’s worth to try.

Carbonite for business is an excellent choice to help protect your business computer files. It offers good value for businesses that do not need to worry about large amounts of online storage. It is easy to use, much like the Carbonite home backup software and stays out of the way on the computer so your computer is not bogged down always backing up. The web admin is a nice feature to help manage backup users and monitor the status of backups and the unlimited computers to an Carboniteaccount allows a business to grow without worrying about per computer licensing fees for backup.

As with all major online backup services, Carbonite for business offers a 30-day free trial. and you can get access to offer codes and coupons from the team at Tech Coupon Code also That way you can experience how the software performs on your machine without any risk.

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